Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Ordering and managing your broadband services on the open access marketplace is easy. You create your own user account that directly orders services and we will support the rest of the process. Here you will find some common questions and answers. If you cannot find the answer to your questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Common problems

You should contact your service provider if you are experiencing problems with your subscription or connection. To better identify the problem, please consider the following questions:

1. Have you restarted your router/gateway by unplugging it for at least 5 minutes?
2. Is the network cable unplugged or damaged?
3. Do you experience the problem at a particular time of day or throughout the day?

Providing as much information as possible to your service provider will help them resolve issues quickly. After investigating the issue, your service provider will contact us, if necessary.

To order services on from Bonfire Fiber, you need to be connected to our open broadband network. Services are "not orderable" when the address entered is not currently connected to our fiber network. If you'd like to express interest in being connected to the network, please register that interest at this site: https://sparqtest.servicezones.net/

It's probably because your email address was registered when you previously completed our survey or signup.

To resolve this:
1. Click "Login" (in the top right of the page).
2. Click the text "Forgot password?" found under the username and password text fields, to the left of the Login button on the login page and request a password for your email address (which is also your user account).
You will receive an email within a few minutes with a link that you click to enter a password. Once done, you are logged in and can proceed.

If you have not previously registered or want to change your email, you may want to create a new user account to another email address, then choose "Create Account" and fill in the information.

Open Access Marketplace & Orders

The term "Open Access Network" describes a network that allows multiple service providers to provide services to the end users connected to the network. This presents options for the customer in choosing from several connected service providers based on services they offer, the technical standard, and price. An Open Access Network promotes competition between connected service providers benefiting the customer by improved service levels and competitive pricing.

If your home/premises is connected to the Bonfire Fiber broadband network, the easiest way to order your service is directly at 505fibertest.broadbandportal.net. Here you will find a wide range of providers of internet, with add-on services like television and telephone. Here's how it works:

1. Navigate to the marketplace to view and order services after indicating your address, plan type (residential or business), and building type (commercial building, single-family home like a house or condo, or a multi-dwelling unit, like an apartment building). The benefit of using the open access marketplace is that you can compare prices and conditions between different suppliers. Choose the provider and service that suits you.

2. Once you find the package you like, including speed, service provider, and any add-ons, begin to place an order.

3. To start the order, you must log in or create an account. In the registration, you provide, among other things, your contact details such as e-mail address and telephone number. You can then update your contact details yourself, so that your service provider and Bonfire Fiber have the correct contact details for you.

4. You choose the date for service activation yourself. When you have completed your order, the selected service provider is automatically informed about your order and we will coordinate with you and the service provider to ensure everything is set up correctly to bring you the best possible fiber broadband experience.

5. Get started. If you order an internet service with today's date, the service is activated immediately. You may need to restart your equipment so that the IP address is assigned from your chosen provider. For other services, see the service's delivery information for information on how quickly you can get started with the service.

This is unlikely, but if it does occur, you should go to Service Zones to enter in your address or drop a pin at your location and we will then validate that location and add it to the list of available addresses for ordering services. We will contact you once the address has been added to the list and you are eligible to order services.

Switch to another service
To switch from one service to another, you cancel your current service and order a new one, see section "Order service" for more info. Remember to check the notice period and any binding period you have on your current contract.

Cancel service
Log in with your username and password.
Go to My Page, then My Services and click the Details button on the service you want to cancel.
Click the Cancel service button and then select the date when the service should be closed.
When you change the date and click the Cancel button, a cancellation request will be sent to your service provider.

Move the service to another address
You can move your services all by yourself (provided the service supports moving) without having to make a call.
The easiest way to move the service is to log in from your new address and from there retrieve the service from the old address by searching for the service and clicking on Move order.

Can services be transferred?
Transfers are not handled.
If you want the order to be filled by a new person, this is handled by termination and new order.

Emails from our website can sometimes get caught in the spam filter.
If you do not receive any emails from us after you have placed an interest or order, you can check the folder for spam.
You can also change to another email address on my pages (login at the top right).

To guarantee our emails are not ever caught in the spam filter again, here is a link to "whitelist" our email address: whitelist.guide . At this link, you will see an option to select your email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) and then you will see instructions for how to ensure our email address is always sent to your primary inbox.

Payments (Installation Fee and Billing for Services)

The installation fee is standard for all network connections; it allows us to provide the best possible technician service when your address becomes connected. To express the highest amount of interest in being connected to our fiber network, during the Survey or Signup phases, you will be asked to provide an installation fee deposit of $49. This deposit is discounted by $100 if you sign up before we've started construction in your area! After we start construction, the installation fee is $149.

Your fiber connection is billed when your connection is commissioned. This will happen after your address is connected; someone will arrive at your house and share how to choose your internet service provider and other services. You have complete control to schedule when you want someone to arrive and when you want services to start.