Bonfire Fiber is on a mission to provide access to affordable broadband.

About Bonfire Fiber

At Bonfire Fiber, we're passionate about achieving digital equity. Our company was started on the idea that bringing broadband to more people could be done better. The idea has gone from a spark to a flame to a roaring bonfire! And now, we employee a team of fiber and telecommunications experts with +300 years of combined experience in the industry. Our team is motivated, experienced, and enthusiastically setting the standard for the open access broadband landscape in the 21st century. 

And we know we don't work alone. We care about every community we enter and we pride ourselves on working with all relevant stakeholders to achieve our purpose. From engineering to construction and installation, we approach everything we do with the mentality to leave the community - and the world - better than we found it. We see the Bonfire Fiber Open Access Network as a platform that can be leveraged by municipalities, electic co-ops, and tribal nations in the spirit of relationship-building, shared commitments, and collaboration. 

About Open Access versus Tradition Internet Services

Today, most Americans buy internet through a traditional service provider—typically a cable or telephone company (67%). An additional 15% of internet users are stuck with extremely slow, legacy DSL internet. As a result, there is no real choice for the American consumer, with many customers in areas unable to access high-quality internet. The Bonfire Fiber Open Access Network delivers a better way.